Rocco Buttliere, LLC

Designing To Inspire | Building A Vision

Rocco is an internationally recognized LEGO artist with a passion for and a degree in architecture.  A lifelong LEGO builder, he began his current body of work of original 1:650 scale models, titled Landmark | Landscape, in 2009.  In the ten years since, he has created more than fifty models of global landmarks, many of which are combined into large, contiguous urban landscapes.  Through his work, he strives to push the boundaries of LEGO parts usage and realism, with a particular emphasis on detail and accuracy.

Having recently graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Rocco is pursuing his artistic work freelance in lieu of a traditional architecture career.  From his location in Chicago, he remains an exceptionally active member of the international LEGO fan community; exhibiting at all the BrickUniverse shows as a featured artist, taking part in the yearly Brickworld Chicago convention, and attending / exhibiting at numerous events overseas every year.

For more information on Rocco, feel free to browse any of the social media links below, as well as view his CV / portfolio on Issuu.