Santa Maria del Fiore

You'd think with a name like mine, it wouldn't have taken more than sixty models to finally make an Italian landmark, but here we are! This one was probably the perfect choice in this case since I studied Brunelleschi's dome in school. Plus, I figured it would be nice to do something local to take with me to the Bricks in Florence Festival 2019 this November! So excited to meet a ton of new builders and see a bit of Tuscany while I'm at it!

Notre-Dame de Paris

As someone with a background in architecture and, shall we say, a certain fondness for replicating world landmarks in LEGO, last month's fire at Notre-Dame left me feeling gutted. That same day, I realized how much I take the world's vast architectural heritage for granted. The day after, I began feverishly designing a model of Notre-Dame so that those who I'm fortunate enough to share it with at exhibitions can learn about its precedence alongside other world landmarks. And from now on, ten percent of all my signed print sales at exhibitions will be donated to The Getty Foundation; a charitable organization that works to preserve and restore architectural heritage in every corner of the world.

I would highly encourage you to view all the photos and read the detailed model walkthroughs on my Flickr page: This model will be making its public debut this weekend at BrickUniverse in Columbus, Ohio!